Health Emergency Initiative
2 min readJun 20, 2022

Do you know that over a period of 1 year, reports have shown that an average of 15% of children admitted with the diagnosis of sepsis died?
Do you also know that close to 3 million newborns and 1.2 million children suffer from sepsis globally every year??

Sepsis is a severe medical condition caused by the body’s response to an infection, it is one of the leading causes of neonatal deaths in the world, sepsis affects mostly babies from 0 to 5, especially if their mother had an infection while pregnant.

Each month our attention is drawn to an average of 15 sepsis-related cases escalated to us from public hospitals and we have been able to help close to 10% of these cases. With our Ongoing partnership with Cititrust Holdings Plc, a leading financial institution with a presence in over 11 countries, we got about 6 instances of related sepsis last month and thankfully they have been looked up and there was no loss.

We are trying our better best to ensure that proper medical care and attention are given to children and mothers battling very severe infections and also informing them of the dangers of not going to receive the medical care that they need in order to avoid escalations beyond their control and death.

You can save the lives of more young children by donating at least N20,000 to this cause, don’t forget our project 1 million campaign is still ongoing and you can donate through project 1 million to save more young lives from the dangers of sepsis.
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We love Health Emergency Initiative, be a part of the journey by your impact on the lives of society.



Health Emergency Initiative

A non-profit organisation that provides life saving medical interventions through finaical assistance to indigent patients in public hospital