Kunle visited the hospital with complaints of fever, lower back pain and pain during urination. He ran some tests and was diagnosed with acute bacterial cystitis which is a bladder infection. He was prescribed some antibiotics, but they didn't work and the doctor recommended an antibiotics sensitivity test.

The results showed that his infection was resistant to almost every antibiotic except one. On further questioning, it was discovered that he takes antibiotics for almost every symptom. The self-medication with antibiotics had caused the resistance. In the world we live in, antibiotics can be prescribed OTC therefore it is very common for people to abuse it. In order to understand properly we must first know what antibiotics are and what they are used to treat.
Antibiotics are drugs that are used against bacterial infection. Please note the word "bacteria". It is not used for viral, fungal and other types of infection. A common example of antibiotic abuse is its use in treating flu which is a viral infection. Another example is non-compliance with prescribed antibiotics. Patients do not finish the dosage recommended just because they already feel better or they don't even comply with the dosage in the first place. Bacteria is continuously evolving therefore if the dosage is not completed the bacteria can develop resistance to the drug and it won't be effective the next time.

Key points to note when using antibiotics include:

1. Always try to get a prescription before using antibiotics in order to know the right dosage and use it accordingly.
2. Always complete your dosage as prescribed.
3. Be sure it's a bacterial infection before using the drugs by doing tests recommended by the doctor.
4 . Do not mix antibiotics with other chemicals or drugs when unsure to prevent a reduction in drug efficacy.
5 . If you are pregnant, make sure the antibiotics are safe to use during pregnancy.
6. Report any side effects to your physician.



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