Health Emergency Initiative
2 min readOct 28, 2022

Ever wonder how the world in its beauty, yet the poorest and very indigenous people strive in our society? The world bank has said that the number of poor Nigerians is projected to hit 95 — million in 2022. Everyday people die of different ailment and sickness and some barely recover,

A woman in her mid 30’s recently put birth to a set of twins, the doctors stated that the children were looking malnourished and unhealthy, abandoned by her husband, she had to strive for herself and look out for means to provide and keep her babies healthy; she also had to take care of the other siblings and help herself heal better because she has suffered from some internal bleeding during the process of having the twins.

Sadly, she lost one of the twins and she was still admitted to the general hospital too, she reached out to a social welfare officer there in the hospital and explained her pains and tragedy…

The social welfare officer reached out to us, and we, of course, intervened and took over the case to ensure that no more life is lost and that is what we stand for #thatnoneshoulddie.

We verified the case and sent our team member to pay a visit, that is one of our core values, to show COMPASSION and EMPATHY…The medical bills and all other expenses were sorted out by our organization. We saw the joy of a mother, we saw the sign of redemption and the overwhelming expression of gratitude and graciousness. Her kids were fulfilled and thankful.

We watched them well until their mother was up and active, she was then introduced to a platform where she would acquire some vocational skills and put them into use in her little business of selling in the market.

We are grateful not only for the joy on her face and that of her kids but also that one of our goals was been achieved which is to play “ an unforgettable and imaginable” charitable not-for-profit effort in saving the life of a mother and her child…

Would you want to be a part of us and play this role??

Do you want to volunteer to save lives in one way or the other?? or even give as low as N500 every month to save many more lives in our society, then click below on any of these links to help — for #500 — for #1000 — for #2000 for #5000


Be that one person that brings joy and puts a smile on a face… Let’s impact!!!



Health Emergency Initiative

A non-profit organisation that provides life saving medical interventions through finaical assistance to indigent patients in public hospital