From Struggle to Strength: The Inspiring Journey of Mrs. Ojukwu and Her Twins

Health Emergency Initiative
2 min readAug 9, 2023

Join us in sharing the heartwarming journey of Mrs. Ojukwu and her twins!

In December not long ago, two beautiful baby girls entered the world as twins to Mrs. Ojukwu. Their clear eyes sparkled with innocence and hope.

However, their early arrival and delicate health brought concern as the hospital labeled them as preterm and malnourished. A glimmer of hope emerged when the Health Emergency Initiative stepped in, providing crucial assistance by incubating the babies and ensuring their safety. With time, they were deemed fit to leave the hospital’s care and return home.

We had the privilege of inviting the Ojukwu family to our office, where their heartrending story unfolded before us. We were deeply moved by their struggles. Mrs. Ojukwu, once a groundnut seller, had fallen on hard times. Her husband, Mr. Ojukwu, eked out a living selling popcorn in traffic. The weight of providing for their family rested heavily on their shoulders, with a 3-year-old child to care for as well.

Unfortunately, due to the family’s dire circumstances, Mrs. Ojukwu had to halt breastfeeding her newborns, a decision that led to the inability to produce sufficient breast milk. Fortuitously, during this time, we were in the midst of implementing the Spectranet Community-Based Intervention for Acutely Malnourished Children Project. The Ojukwu family became beneficiaries, receiving the support they so desperately needed.

At 3 months old, the twins, Mirabel and Christabel, were underweight, weighing 3.1kg and 3.7kg respectively. Their Mid Upper Arm Circumference (MAUC) measured a mere 10.4cm and 11.3cm. Recognizing their need, we provided them with essential nutritional support, including ready-to-use therapeutic food items. Additionally, Mrs. Ojukwu was given food and monetary assistance to ensure her ability to nourish her children.

Fast forward to June, and the transformation was remarkable. The twins, once fragile and undernourished, now radiated health and vitality. Their weights had improved significantly, with Mirabel at 3.7kg and Christabel at 4.5kg. The progress was a testament to the power of community-based interventions and the impact they can have on young lives.

The Community-Based Intervention for Acutely Malnourished Children (CBIAM) project remains a beacon of hope in our fight against malnutrition and hunger. However, we cannot do it alone. We extend an earnest call to all of you, our supporters, to stand with us in this noble cause. Your partnership, donations, and collaboration hold immeasurable value in helping children like Mirabel and Christabel, who bravely battle acute malnutrition.

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Together, let’s create a brighter, healthier future for these children.



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